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The HOHE SCHULE was founded in 1584 by Count Johann VI. Nassau Katzenelnbogen. Due to its religious orientation (Calvinism) the faculty was not eligible for academic degrees, but taught all the major fields of study: theology, law, philosophy, philology and medicine. Until its closure in 1817, about 5700 students from diverse European countries had benefited from the university. In the hey-day of the HOHE SCHULE (about 1584-1630) the small town of Herborn was known throughout Europe.

Meeting Point Cafeteria


You will stay as a guest of the Hotel-Restaurant HOHE SCHULE in the former professors dormatories and thus in one of the finest collection of buildings in the romantic Old Town in Herborn.

The Restaurant


The restaurant was once the cafeteria for students enrolled in Herborn. At every turn you dive into the past of a beautiful historic city.